Commercial Hood Installation, Metairie, LA

Find a Commercial Hood That's Perfect For Your Restaurant

Stephens & Company A/C & Heating provides top-notch installation services in Metairie and New Orleans, LA

No one wants to dine at a restaurant with poor health ratings. It's essential that your kitchen is equipped with the necessary tools to prepare food safely. Stephens & Company A/C & Heating, LLC offers commercial hood installation services in Metairie and New Orleans, LA.

You can count on us to provide you with an effective and long-lasting ventilation system. You'll be able to filter out grease, smoke and moisture with our state-of-the-art commercial hood. Your kitchen will stay cleaner and your employees will be able to work better.

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Improve your kitchen with a brand-new commercial hood

Your top priorities as a restaurant should be providing your employees and guests with a safe and clean environment. A commercial hood will help you do just that. Your new hood can keep your kitchen cooler, improve your indoor air quality and prevent fires.

Interested in replacing an old hood? Opening a new restaurant? Hire Stephens & Company A/C & Heating for reliable commercial hood installation services.